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Complete Recycling Services in Chula Vista, CA

When you have old electronics, metal scrap, or appliances that you need to get rid of, Riley Recycling is here to help. We offer various recycling services in Chula Vista, CA, to deal with a large assortment of residential, commercial, and industrial waste.

We have a full fleet of trucks, containers, and trailers, and our team is always ready to pick up and properly dispose of your metal waste. This helps to reduce the waste that you are sending to the landfill and helps free up space around your property. To learn more about the recycling services we have to offer or to schedule a pick up at your home or business, reach out to our office.

Efficient Solutions

When performing industrial and construction recycling, our team strives to process your materials as efficiently as possible. During processing, we will remove all hazardous waste from your metal and electronics, ensuring that they are safe to use in new products. So, when you need industrial or residential recycling solutions to remove waste and debris from your property, trust the skilled and experienced experts at Riley Recycling to take care of the work.