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Comprehensive Source for Correct Hazardous Material Disposal in Chula Vista, CA

While recycling is often done with the best of intentions, it can go horribly wrong when performed incorrectly. Nowhere is that more evident than with items containing toxic chemicals or other harmful properties. Riley Recycling is here to prevent that by providing hazardous material disposal in Chula Vista, CA. Our family-owned local business protects the environment by keeping it clean and free of hazards. In other words, we apply our more than 20 years of experience to ensure you recycle correctly. From electronics to appliances, we work with everything to see that it gets disposed of properly.

Our hazardous waste management credentials include permits for hazardous waste and for the universal disposal of waste. The thoroughly trained waste management technicians on our team speak English and Spanish to serve as many locals as possible in their recycling endeavors. Riley Recycling specializes in separating and removing hazards from scrap and can tell you exactly which materials need to be disposed of in a certain way. With local recycling services available for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, it’s easy for everyone to benefit from our services and do their part for the planet.