Convenient Scrap Metal and Appliance Recycling

Appliance Recycling

For environmentally-friendly appliance disposal rely on us. We are a California appliance recycling certified company and we can dispose of your unwanted appliances.

Metal & Steel Recycling

We are a scrap metal buyer and offer convenient recycling service for the general public and contractor. Riley Recycling offers competitive pricing for all your ferrous and non ferrous metals.
More than 20 Years of Experience Member of San Diego
County Chamber of Commerce
CAR (California Appliance Recycling) Certified

Who we Are

Riley Recycling is a family owned business dedicated to the process of reducing the negative impact of industrial and residential scrap metal on our environment. By processing these used materials we are able to prepare them to be reused by manufacturing concerns, thereby reducing the strain on our expanding land fills. In addition, a byproduct of our business is to help reduce the need for mining of other precious metals from our planet.


Our objective is to work with both large and small producers of end of life metals. We are large enough to service multi-million dollar corporations, and yet small enough to handle the needs of individual families and our Chula Vista and San Diego community.

Contact us in Chula Vista and San Diego, California, for prompt pickup appliance disposal service.