Commercial / Industrial / Residential

Riley recycling is a full service ferrous and non ferrous metal recycler and processor. Our facilities are open to the public and ready to serve your metal recycling needs. We accept and pay you cash on the spot, subject to scrap metal laws. We currently do not collect CAL CRV.

Riley recycling , purchases the following steel and metalwork, but not limited to:

• All types of Aluminum
• Brass
• Cobalt based alloys
• All types of Copper

• Electrinocs
• Insulated Wire
• Laminate

• Metal HMS1 - HMS2
• Nickel
• Precious Metals



• Small and Large appliances
• Stainless Steel
• Titanium

Our operations include a complete fleet of trucks, containers and trailers. Our full range services are designed to meet the recycling needs of everyone from the individual to the largest manufacturer.

Contact us for scrap metal recycling services.